An angel called Arian

Let me tell you a story
I met that boy- think he is the one
Knowing him - what a glory 
Am the luckiest - calling him hun‘

Arian is his name
he earned a lot of fame 
You don’t know him? So Lame!
Other boys? Not the same!

Saying his name - goosebumps are guaranteed
Keep in mind, the angels name‘s Arian
Falling in love, Lord, please don’t intercede
La bella durmiente es pura

His sparkling face - no matter if smiling, blushing or sad
Lord took him away from me - give him back!
Think of his smell - better than every snack
Don’t dare leaving me - can hear my heart crack

he is leaving sparkle everywhere he goes
I am loving his body - from head to toes 
Thinking of being with him - my mind, it blows
What’s special ’bout him? His style, brain, manners, pose

Got rid of his past, that stupid memories . 
Ending this poem with lines in German 
Was ich für sie fühle? Das weiß ich nicht 
Was ich gewiss weiß, Schatz, ich liebe dich
                                       ✍️त्रिपुरा गिरी
                                        गुलेरिया ४ बर्दिया।

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